Tom Slot Acting Resume

Voice Range: TENOR

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*Denotes the show was a musical.



THE TEMPEST Sebastian Folkwant International Shakespeare Festival (NYC, Germany)
BIG LOVE Nikos Setkani Encounter Festival (NYC, Czech Republic)
HAMLET Guildenstern The Rude Mechanicals (MD, DC, NYC)
VLAD DRACULA* Jonathan Harker Landless Theater Company (MD, DC)


New York

GRACELESS Aaron The Paradise Faactory / Planet Connections
CHURCH Chorus The Public Theatre
HAMLET Leartes The Arena Players
ROMEO AND JULIET Tybalt The Arena Players
A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM Bottom The Looking Glass Theater
TELL IT TO ME SLOWLY Lucas Robert Moss Theatre / Fringe Festival
SUPER SIDEKICK* Slurm Soho Playhouse / Fringe Festival and Fringe Encore Series
THE CANTERBURY TALES Summoner The Riverside Theater
WATER THE MUSICAL* Yearling Collective Unconscious
JESUS FREAKS David Manhattan Repertory
CAUGHT IN THE ACT Hayden Manhattan Repertory
WAITING FOR GODOT Pozzo Shapiro Theatre
KASIMIR AND KAROLINA Kasimir Shapiro Theatre
ROUGH FOR THEATRE 1 A Shapiro Theatre
LEONCE AND LENA Valerio Shapiro Theatre
THE FATHER OF SONGS* Blaine The Off-Broadway Theater
ELEVEN DAYS* Impala Laurie Beechman Theatre
THE DYLAN OF DEL RAY Tyler The Wings Theatre
1952 Tom WIP
NAKED THEATER Tom The Crown Theater
ARE YOU THERE, ZEUS? IT'S ME, ELECTRA Orestes The Looking Glass Theater
LIMELIGHT Jeremy Duncan The Access Theater
BUT NOT FOR LOVE Glen The Crown Theater


ROCKY HORROR SHOW* Brad Majors Spotlighters Theatre
JACK & THE BEANSTALK* Beano Martin Fells Point Corner Theatre
CINDERELLA, A BRITISH PANTO* Prince Charming Fells Point Corner Theatre
THE HEIDI CHRONICLES Ray and Mark McManus Theatre
OEDIPUS REX Teiresias McManus Theatre
HOME IS THE HUNTER Eurymachus St. Peters Theatre

Educational Theater

BUTT OUT Various CM Day Rep
ADDICT Various CM Day Rep
WHAT'S UP, MOUNT OLYMUS? Hermes Broadhallow Day Rep
FROSTY THE SNOWMAN* Narrator AirPort Playhouse



Feature Films

SUICIDE KIDS Gregory (Lead) Christopher Smith dir. (Point Of Order Prod.)
7/11 THE MUSICAL Jammer (Supporting) Dallas Shelby dir. (Pasquinade Films)
GRAY MATTERS Matthew Wojiac (Supporting) Wendy Donigian dir. (Crazy 8 Productions)
STEP UP Art Student Anne Fletcher dir. (Buena Vista Pictures)


THE PROJECTIONIST Milo (Lead) Sean Ribera dir.
BRIGHTON BEACH Evan (Lead) Kathleen DeMarse dir.
HEAVY PEDAL Joe Rollins (Lead) Nadia Seegobin dir.
MUSE Cottard (Lead) Orrin Luc dir.
RAPID Paul (Lead) Daniel Zimbler dir.
SHACK NASTY Greg (Lead) Jean-Marceau S├ęcheret dir.
KEEP THE MOJO RISIN' Tom (Lead) Lucas Garzoli dir.
D4 Jason (Lead) Mimi Jeffries dir.
LOVE ANOTHER LISA Ethan (Lead) Simon XI dir.
HYPOCRITES John Lennon (Supporting) Alec Hahn dir.
EVE Maynard (Supporting) Rajeev Jain dir. (Endless Spiral Productions)
EXIT Jake (Supporting) Daniel Zimbler dir.
CHEATING BASTARDS Editor (Supporting) Daniel Zimbler dir.




MFA Acting: Columbia University, School of the Arts.
MA: Education, Loyola College.

Speech: Kristin Linklater, Andrea Haring, Rebecca DuMaine
Voice: Carol Westcott, Richard Armstrong, Barry Kleinbort, Penny Fuller, Mary Feinsinger
Movement: Nikolaus Wolcz (Commedia dell'arte)
Acting: Technique Andrei Serban, Anne Bogart, Larry Singer, Ulla Wolcz, J. E. Dockery, Suzanne Pratt
Viewpoints: Anne Bogart, Barney O'Hanlon, Kim Weild
Michael Chekhov: Ragnar Freidank
Stage Combat: J. Steven White
Dance: Barbara Allen, Livia Drapkin Vanaver, Maria Broom
Alexander Technique: Michael Hanko, Nina D'Abbracci

Special Skills

Music: Singer (Tenor), premiered original musicals, fronted several rock bands, acoustic and electric guitar, beginner piano, musical improvisation, music and lyric composition, sound engineering and design.
Movement: Stage combat (unarmed and rapier), cycling, marathon and distance runner.
Other: Cartoon voices, stage director, film editing, computer programming and graphic design.